Conveniently located...

                  but hard to find!!!


Red Light Wing Chun is located in Phoenix's Historic Uptown Arts District inside the Garfield Galleria at:

316 W McDowell Rd #103 Phoenix, AZ 85003

NOTE: You may drive by the Galleria and see zero indication there is a martial arts school hidden within!

Parking/Bat-Cave Entrance:

Finding the studio for the first time can be a little like locating the entrance to the Bat-Cave!  There is no (driveable) entrance to the Garfield Galleria from McDowell Rd, even though it sits right on it.  There is little to no signage on the front of the building touting our presence either. (Damn city regs!) 

Parking is in the rear and is best accessed by taking 3rd AVE to the first alley north of McDowell just behind the pawn shop. Then take the alley West (Left) to the second building.

The building is two stories tall, has covered parking, and a big "316" and "Garfield Galleria" on it.

Parking is first come first serve, even the marked and coverd ones.

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